Virtual Reality Learning Initiative (VIRLI)

The Virtual Reality Learning Initiative (VIRLI) is a collaborative effort of Great Lakes Reality Labs, the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA), and the Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) with the goal to provide quality, immersive education and training that utilizes the latest technologies in virtual and augmented reality.

By bringing together Intermediate School Districts, private sector labor and management, as well as State resources, VIRLI aims to:

  • Supplement existing curriculum with immersive tools for classroom education,
  • Foster the learning of life skills in safe, controlled environments,
  • Inspire individuals to explore career opportunities they have overlooked, and
  • Provide employers with engaging tools for training employees.

VIRLI will also create a talent development track that starts at the ISD level, runs through community colleges, universities, and vocational education programs, and then finishes with potential Michigan-based private and public sector opportunities.

This initiative currently focuses on the following areas:

  • Career Exploration (e.g., Skilled Trades, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, etc.)
  • Classroom Education (e.g., STEM, Social Studies, Fine Arts, etc.)
  • Life Skills (e.g., Social Skills, Special Needs, Functional Self-Help, etc.)

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