MiRead - Michigan's Early Literacy Portal

  • Easily identify students who may need literacy support

  • Quickly create Individualized Reading Improvement Plans (IRIP)

  • Meet requirements of Michigan’s 3rd grade reading law

  • Provide access to prior IRIPs when students change districts

  • Promote best practices and Literacy Essentials


"MiRead Going Live" for ISD Leaders Webinar


Going Live: Summer 2019

MiRead is scheduled to ‘go live’ in summer of 2019.  Districts that meet participation requirements below may be eligible to purchase and implement MiRead for use in the Fall of 2019.  To register for MiRead for your district please complete the form linked at the end of this document and a representative from the MiRead team at MAISA will contact you to begin the implementation process.


District Participation Requirements

  • Use of MDE approved early literacy assessment system(s)
    • NWEA MAP
    • Acadience Reading (formerly DIBELS Next)
    • AimsWebPlus
    • iReady (pending completion of integration with MiDataHub)
    • Star Reading (pending completion of integration with MiDataHub)
  • Participation in and connection of district SIS to MiDataHub
  • Acceptance of use agreements for MiRead, MiStrategyBank, and MiDataExchange, including the permanent sharing of data with MiRead to support transient students.


Required Timeline

June 1, 2019

  • Completed Registration Form
  • License Agreements electronically signed
  • MiDataHub SIS integration complete

June 15, 2019

  • Assessment Integrations complete
  • MiStrategyBank Committee work scheduled

June 30, 2019

  • Teacher training date set
  • Single Sign-On system configured and tested

August 10, 2019

  • MiStrategyBank work completed with strategies selected or created for all grades K-3 and all IRIP Reading Components

District Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of accurate MidataHub Integrations
  • Use of the MiStrategyBank Application
  • Configuration and maintenance of MiStrategyBank
  • Work with local ISD for training and support in the effective use of MiRead
  • Maintain open lines of communication with MiDataHub, MiRead, and MiStrategyBank developers and support teams


MiRead Costs

Going live in the summer of 2019, there is a cost to operate MiRead and our goal is to share that cost across all users.  Below is the cost structure for 2019-2020

  • Local District Purchase: $1.00 per-pupil (fall 2018 k12 student count)
  • ISD Payment on Behalf of some local districts: $.75 per-pupil (fall 2018 k12 student count)1,2
  • ISD-Wide Payment for all LEA’s & PSAs: $.50 per-pupil (fall 2018 k12 student count)1,2

Cost Footnotes:

  1. ISD is acting as a purchasing agent and may bill local districts back for some or all of the cost based on local agreements.
  2. ISD facilitated purchases include expectation that the ISD will serve in a support and consulting role on technology, data, and curriculum support of MiRead.


Contact the Michigan Collaboration Hub with questions or concerns

Taylor Hoag, thoag@gomasa.org

or by phone at 517-816-4533


To purchase MiRead for district use in the Fall of 2019, complete this form and required timeline steps by June 1, 2019.