SAT Task Force

In June 2015, members of GELN convened a task force of stakeholders from Michigan educational organizations to collect and create resources supporting administrators, teachers, counselors, students, and parents with implementation of the revised SAT. The SAT Task Force continues to develop resources for educators. The documents below link to source sites where you will find what you need to prepare for success.

Overview Resources

College Board Michigan SAT Site
Michigan SAT Alignment Document
Official College Board resource site for Michigan's implementation of SAT (College Board)

Michigan Version SAT Training Module 1 update 8/20/2015 - SAT Training modules modified to address Michigan-specific details. (College Board / GELN)

Michigan Version SAT Training Module 2 - SAT Training modules modified to address Michigan-specific details (College Board / GELN)

MASSP SAT Resource Page - Compilation of resources for principals and others on Michigan’s SAT transition (MASSP)

Side-by-Side Comparison ACT to SAT - Compares format and content elements of ACT and SAT (MASSP)

SAT Slideshare series (6) - Resource for transitioning to SAT with overviews of each section (MASSP and  MASA)

Redesigned SAT Teacher Implementation Guide Website - Resources for teachers (College Board)

Michigan Version SAT Training Module 6 Provides overview of reporting tools (College Board)

Accommodations Resources

PSAT/SAT/AP Accommodations Guide A Blog Post - Colin Ripmaster’s blog post about managing accommodations on College Board tests (MASSP)

Service for Students with Disabilities - Michigan Webinar Question/Answer Document - July 7, 2015 (College Board)

Understanding the College Board Accommodation Process - SSD Webinar July 7, 2015 (College Board)

Test Construction

SAT Test Blueprint - Provides test specific and sample questions (College Board)

PD Modules (1-5) for Educators - FIVE modules providing overview of SAT, key sections, and scoring (College Board)

Khan Resources

Official Khan SAT site (Khan Academy)

Khan Resource Toolkit - Provides background and information on Khan SAT resource (College Board)

Khan SAT Test Prep Video - Tutorial walks through registration for SAT test prep overview and quiz Khan (Khan Academy)

Khan Information Flyer -Two-page overview of Khan SAT resources (College Board)

College Spring Khan Academy PPT - Provides details for signing up and logging in to Khan (College Spring)

Counselor Resources

2015 Counselor Workshops - Over 30 resources in 8 categories (College Board)

Instructional Resources

SAT Curated Reading/Writing Resources -The Statewide ELA SAT Task Force Team developed this document to support students’ success on the SAT, and to build the literacy skills that students need for career and college readiness. This document is also part of a larger list of curated SAT resources. These resources focus on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Essay portions of the test. (MAISA ELA SAT Task Force Team and MAISA Math Leadership Team)

Strategies to Implement Rich Tasks in Mathematics Classrooms - This video shares strategies to implement rich tasks in mathematics classrooms. Attention is given to using rich tasks to increase students' access to mathematics and achievement on standardized assessments like the SAT. (MAISA ELA SAT Task Force Team and MAISA Math Leadership Team)

SAT/PSAT Instructional Resources (Kathy Berry, MCTM)

SAT Reading Instructional Resources for Finding Passages (MAISA ELA Leadership Group)

Michigan SAT Reading Instructonal Resource (MAISA ELA Leadership Group)

Sample Scored Student Essays (College Board)

Leveled Text Samples (College Board)

On Demand SAT Writing - 11th Grade - Seven session unit designed to prepare students for success on SAT. (St. Clair County RESA)

PSAT Resources

Student Prep for PSAT 8/9 Assessment (Jeffrey Dole, Ingham ISD)

Parent PSAT 8/9 Review (Jeffrey Dole, Ingham ISD)

Student Prep for PSAT 10 Assessment (Jeffrey Dole, Ingham ISD)

Parent PSAT 10 Review (Jeffrey Dole, Ingham ISD)

Sample Letter to Parents re: PSAT (MASSP)

For Students

MeL Teens (Michigan Electronic Library) - Many resources for teens on preparing for college.