Strategic Readiness Support (SRS)

The Strategic Readiness Support (SRS) was originally funded by the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG). The project will use data to systematically identify schools in need of support and target resources in a way that meets the needs of a a specific school, district, or community. The mission of the SRS project is to dramatically increase the readiness level for online assessment in Michigan by providing strategic supports designed to sustainably increase technical and instructional readiness. 

In order to evaluate, implement, and support a process for working with the buildings and/or districts of highest need for technology readiness, a new project called Strategic Readiness Support (SRS) has been established. It will focus on direct district and/or school readiness support using needs-based assessment of technology and its use in the classroom, which focuses on MTRAx and other data for buildings and districts. Crosschecks and recommendations for eligibility will be factored from ISDs and local district administration. Leveraging existing LEA, ISD, and consortium level support is a critical component of the plan to achieve true sustainability for local schools. 

Strategic Readiness Support