Legislative Priorities

  1. Restore full funding of Section 81, including the restoration of disproportionate cuts taken by ISDs and in the School Aid Fund budget and future adjustments that are proportional to those made in the Foundation Grant given to local districts.
  2. Apply retirement relief in from state in Sec. 147a of the State Aid Act equally to both LEAs and ISDs.
  3. Ensure that eligible students enrolled in Cyber Schools are receiving the “free appropriate and public education” to which they are entitled under Section 51a (14) through the MDE adoption of protocols for ISDs and cyber schools to follow for special education students.
  4. Create a model for ISD involvement with academically low performing districts prior to SRO involvement. ISDs should receive notification of distress, review the situation, and play a large role in assisting districts with the recovery of a school.
  5. Expand early literacy programs and services, including the use of early literacy coaches, to ensure that Michigan students have every resource needed to develop fundamental reading skills.
  6. Support legislation that advances college and career readiness for students, including: support the expansion of early/middle college options and dual enrollment with ISD and regional models, growing Career and Technical Education programs, and working toward permanent flexibility in MMC to allow students additional opportunities.
  7. Maintain funding and programming for Early Childhood programs.
  8. Maintain Special Education and Vocational Education Millage Equalization dollars.
  9. Maintain Medicaid reimbursement for health services provided to all eligible students by ISD.
  10. Expand technology-infused and digital learning options using regional cooperatives.
  11. Remove barriers to and maximize opportunities for additional ISD and LEA led shared service arrangements that are tailored to local and regional circumstances and are demonstrated to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, while preserving essential services for students.
  12. Support the uncapping of all ISD millages (special education, vocational education and enhancement).
  13. Preserve Section 24 allocations for court placed students.
  14. Extend or remove sunset to allow for the continuation and update of the critical shortage list.