Legislative Priorities

MAISA Legislative Priorities

FY 2022/23 Budget Priorities

1. Increase to Special Education funding through increased appropriations and addressing inequities across ISDs.

2. Address teacher and staffing shortage including incentives for new teachers and eliminating the critical shortage statute.

3. Apply 147a retirement relief to ISDs. 

4. Increase funding and flexibility for 31n by maintaining base funding per ISD and an increased allocation based on population.

5. Maintain funding for established Early Literacy efforts in Section 35a and expand program to include Birth–K and 4-12 students.

6. Increase funding to begin implementation of Early Mathematics Essentials and develop a
plan with partners for funding and implementation.

7. Match Section 81 increase with foundation allowance.

8. Restore funding for Career and Technical Education programs and support college and career readiness for students, including new language allowing for early/middle college planning, funding for expansion of career and technical education programs, and post-
secondary credit taking.

9. Maintain funding for the Michigan Data Hub.

10. Promote and advocate for the School Finance Research Collaborative (SFRC) effort.

11. Grant temporary COVID-related flexibility for Special Education programs for days and hours.