MAISA Legislative Resources

MAISA's Department of Government Relations is responsible for promoting the legislative platform and priorities of the MAISA membership and the MASA Legislative Committee to state, local and federal legislators. The MAISA Department of Government Relations strives to empower MAISA members to contribute meaningfully to education policy by providing timely updates, action alerts, analysis, talking points, and other relevant information. To that end, our online presence serves as an access point for our members. By posting essential information on this site, members can have instant access to our resources when they need them, at any time of the day or night. Stay informed of key developments coming out of the Capitol. Access the information you need to address community and media inquiries. Contact policy makers and make a difference. MAISA Government Relations Department is here for you!

Annalisa Grunwald

Legislative Liaison

(517) 327-9265

Annalisa is the legislative liaison for the Association. She follows legislation related to education issues, both policy and fiscal, and conveys the position of MASA on specific bills to the legislature. Annalisa also serves as a resource for superintendents to ascertain how a particular piece of legislation is expected to be implemented or how it will impact the district.