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One year ago, the GELN membership revisited our mission and vision as an organization. Three words - collaborative, proactive, and influential - captured the essence of what we desire to become as an organization. Through the initiatives we have chosen to pursue, we have made great strides at living into this vision.

Educator Evaluation

In a proactive move in January 2016, 100% of GELN members responded to a survey on the educator evaluation models being implemented in school districts across the state. The goal of the data collection was to stimulate discussion on how ISDs might create efficiencies in designing professional learning planned under new educator evaluation funding.

Data from a total of 564 local districts were included in the reported results. Forty-one percent of districts across 40 ISDs selected Danielson model, while thirty percent across 34 ISDs chose 5 D. Thirteen percent in 21 ISDs chose Marzano, and nine percent across 19 ISDs reported using Thoughtful Classroom. ISDs will be supporting their local districts with implementation of these models.”